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My name is Erica. 3 things about me – I’m a super optimist. I don’t take life too seriously. And I love fancy hotel rooms HA! I live in New York City with my 3 kids, husband and hopefully an au pair because Mama. Needs. Help!!!!! Food has been a passion of mine since college – cooking it, eating it, TALKING ABOUT IT – but I’ve come to terms with the fact that life can’t all be bacon and donuts when you’re in your mid-30s.


A blog to share my thoughts on food, life, travel, parenthood – how about a blog to talk about whatever I darn want to 🙂 Also, maybe skincare down the road. I love skincare too. I love a lot of things.


So here we are. The Gluttoness 2.0. A decade later by conservative estimates. The photo above was taken on my 35th birthday in Napa. It was as dreamy a day as it looks, complete with dinner at The French Laundry, but 35 didn’t sit right. By all abject measures I have everything — but this career, this persona, that I walked away from many years ago has always felt like a mistake. Reflecting on this “mistake” has always felt shameful, like a dirty word, something to hide under the rug to pretend the feeling isn’t there; until I realized that the only way to feel whole again, to let go of the past, to create the future I want for myself, was to remember that The Gluttoness is something that I created, she was me, she is me, and only I can bring her back to life.

She embodied a love of food and culture that the 2.0 me looks back on with laughable naivety. She hadn’t attended culinary school, cooked at The White House multiple times, or married a travel junkie who dragged her to far reaches of the world like Oman and Georgia and Baku and Salar de Uyuni and Machu Picchu. She definitely couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be the mother of 3 incredible children who light up the world as only their crazy souls can. So yes, it’s a beautiful life. Home-cooked dinners and dance parties and more bathroom words than are tolerable; but as my tenure as a personal assistant came to an end, I forced myself to reflect on the past decade in order to look onto the next, and the one thing that came creeping up – what we YPO people refer to as the 2% – was my resentment for leaving The Gluttoness behind.

So here we are. The Gluttoness 2.0 in 2020. It’s not about being sure what I am going to share. I have travel guides and recipes and hidden gem recommendations but this isn’t about figuring it all out on Day One. It’s about taking the leap of faith, facing the fear, and at least trying to re-claim something that I once loved so dearly. Because as my dad always told me – “can’t means you’re too lazy to try.” And I’m definitely not lazy.

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